Our piñatas are
made from non-toxic materials.
environmentally friendly.
safe to use.
it can be recycled.
We’re excited to make
your piñatas dreams come true.


Mini Clyde Ghost 2D style, 25 cm. tall

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550 THB ฿550




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335 THB ฿335




10 Sheets / Pack

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85 THB ฿85



Mini Blinky Ghost 2D style, 25 cm. tall

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550 THB ฿550
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Workshop with Pi[ck]nata

>>> Make your own Piñata. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, fundraisers & more <<<
  • Private class starts from 1,150 THB and up depend on class level, size & design.
  • Group class starts from 850 THB (per seat) and up depend on class level, size & design.
  • Includes all the embellishments (not inclouded filling)
  • 5-12   Beginner Classes  (5-7 years old the parent have to stay in class with your kid)
  • 13-20 Intermediate Classes
  • 21 +   Advanced Classes   
  • Class spending 30 min - 3hrs. (depend on level, size & design).
  • The class price included all the time and material its takes to create your dream
  • Piñata size is start at 20 cm.
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